A company invests most of its time and money in adherence to all statutory compliance regulations. Hence, it is important that every organization complies with rules, regulations or laws, pertaining to the industry. In order to achieve that, the HR plays a significant role, by taking a proactive approach in covering all legal obligations. One of the main objectives of the HR is to ensure that the company does not encounter any legal trouble, due to non-adherence of compliance laws. Therefore, in accordance with all labour laws, compliances are offered to all temporary staff by Adhaan.


  • Adhaan provides compliance services such as ESIC TIC generation, PF access, audits or legal notices.
  • Compliance subjects covered by Adhaan include From Employees’ Provident Fund, Contract Labour, Labour Welfare Fund, Payment of Wages, Minimum Wages, Payment of Bonus & Gratuity, to Industrial Disputes, Workmen Compensation, Apprentice, Industrial Standing Orders, Professional Tax, Maternity Benefits, Employ Documents, Payroll Management, and Employees’ State Insurance.
  • Employee legal welfare through effective troubleshooting and/or well-organised system.


  • No legal troubles for the company.
  • Upholding all rules, regulation and laws, pertaining to compliance.
  • Usage of company resources justifiably.


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